Sales Tip of The Week 1

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This course consists of 11 lessons including;

  1. Questions worth a thousand assumptions
  2. Make the first impression count
  3. Building many to many relationships
  4. Tick…Tack…Tick…Tack…Close that sale
  5. Re-frame rejection as feedback
  6. The Journal of Proof
  7. The law of social proof
  8. Ask better questions
  9. Awareness as a valuable tool
  10. Make use of SWOT analysis
  11. Make the right impression

By the end of this course, you should be able to;

  1. Ask provocative and pertinent questions to establish a good rapport and get a good understanding of what the customer needs rather than making assumptions.
  2. Understand that dressing professionally is essential as it influences how other people perceive you as it signifies self-respect, respect for others, and give you confidence and that dressing unprofessional may cost you a sales deal.
  3. Build and sustain a network relationship with key members and decision-makers in your client's organization.
  4. Know your sales close length when making a sales presentation, capture your prospects immediately when your presentation begins and understand the client’s exact needs and requirements within the given timeframe of sales presentations.
  5. Deal constructively with rejections in a way that is beneficial to you by identifying your strengths and weaknesses in the sales process.
  6. Create a journal where you log all your achievements, observations, problem-solving skills, best ideas, and less serious issues that you will address later used to overcome negative thoughts and procrastination.
  7. Use the law of social proof to your advantage and influence your prospective customers by utilizing testimonials such as audio and video to reinforce your brand image based on research, evidence, and statistics to convince your prospective clients based on how many other clients use and like your products and services.
  8. Engage your customers in a conversation to start building a relationship by asking better questions that are detailed and well-versed to notice customer needs beyond the obvious and establish customer's preferences
  9. Be alert at looking for prospects in whoever and wherever by developing an awareness of your surroundings using your sensory attention and discernment.
  10. Use SWOT analysis to check and understand your client’s strengths, weaknesses, and threats as well as demonstrate the value of your solution and your ability to eliminate the threats and weaknesses identified.
  11. Make the right impression by challenging the clients politely and raising key questions that help clients to obtain a better understanding of their problems.
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This course is designed to equip salespeople with skills necessary for building rapport and establishing a formidable relationship with prospective clients

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