Sales Tip of The Week 2

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This course contains 11 lessons. These lessons are;

  1. Dealing with gatekeepers
  2. Keys for customer selection
  3. Get comfy being uncomfortable
  4. Have the right qualities
  5. Overcoming misunderstanding
  6. Overcoming the stall-is, he authorized to decide?
  7. Overcoming the I am not interested
  8. The science of celebrating success
  9. Give your sales call a structure
  10. Be enthusiastic about your products to gain clients
  11. Improve your life through prioritization



By the end of this course, you should be able to;

  1. Overcome the gatekeeper strategies and use the gatekeepers as your allies by treating them with respect and honesty in order to gain their trust and hence get the chance to meet the decision-maker in the organization.
  2. Choose the right client wasting time on the long client or missing other opportunities by making a strategic choice of your client to unravel the most value for your business.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone and make sales to unleash and tap your remarkable talents in sales with a desire to serve and make a positive difference using the gifts that makes you special in sales.
  4. Have self-belief without ego by developing qualities that set you apart from your peers and colleagues and believe in yourself and in the products that you are offering without letting ego deter you from understanding the client’s specific needs.
  5. Avoid conflicts and misunderstandings by using effective communication skills and seeking clarity to gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, goals, and how your solutions can match the exact needs.
  6. Overcome objections in order to be successful in your sales career and Identify the decision-maker right on the onset of the presentation and get them to say yes to your product or show potential interest to buy later.
  7. Understand the ideal solution to each level of management in an organization and then one to pitch to a specific solution and develop a clear insight into your prospects needs, wants, and interests and be armed to overcome any objections that may arise.
  8. Introduce and implement principles and a culture of celebrating success as people who acknowledge success achieve more success to develop behaviors and habits to expect success and generate more successful outcomes.
  9. Understand that there are no right or wrong methods of making sales calls but always choosing those that work over those that don't, by crafting your words in a creative, courteous, and enthusiastic way as you listen for cues from your prospect.
  10. Get excited about your product and service to get your prospect feel about the product or service and make them demand it and develop a sales strategy of transferring enthusiasm to potential clients.
  11. Identify the tasks that take up most of your time and make a list separating the urgent tasks from important ones while breaking down huge tasks into smaller ones and make the best choices and decisions through self-control, self, self-discipline, and self-mastery.
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This course will equip the learner with top notch skills for selecting customers, overcoming misunderstandings, dealing with clients and gatekeepers, as well as celebrating success

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