Sales Tip of The Week 3

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This course contains 11 lessons. These lessons are;

  1. Discover how your clients buy…slow down so you can sell faster
  2. Punctuality Matters
  3. Set measurable short-term goals
  4. The technique of reflection…let client close sales
  5. Pick up the phone and make that call…Now!
  6. Stop trying to pick the best leads
  7. Measure your sales process yourself
  8. Make two extra quality calls per day
  9. Ask buyers what they think of sales
  10. Speak at conferences it is a great networking tool
  11. Nurture your client relationships



By the end of this course, you should be able to;

  1. Fit in your client’s buying process by taking the time to ask more probing questions to get the client think and reflect on their needs and the need for making a change.
  2. Be prompt and punctual for the sales meeting to collect your thoughts, organize your presentation, and familiarize yourself with the environment while getting ready to make your best presentation.
  3. Set short-term, daily and weekly goals to support and track your Key Performance Indicators and check your goals regularly to identify progress and areas that need improvement.
  4. Use reflection to help clients understand their needs better and take necessary action based on the insights you provide and get them to close the sales themselves by asking questions that advance the sales process.
  5. Stop preparing for the call and make the call instead and take courageous decisions to make calls because over-preparation for a call stalls your progress in sales.
  6. Stop trying to pick the best leads and instead call all your prospective clients and interact wit all as often, best deals come from unexpected clients.
  7. Take key notes, progress data, and performance reports, including what happened in the sales meeting focusing on issues that directly concern you while taking accurate notes of your accomplishments and the most pressing issues that need to be addressed urgently.
  8. Improve your appointment: (to) close ratio by making high-quality calls to increase your opportunities as the more you call, the more appointments you get and the more you have increased chances of closing.
  9. Gain more valuable insights by asking clients what they think about sales to effectively uncover the needs, problems, and concerns of the clients in a timely and truthful manner.
  10. Utilize conferences as a networking tool in sales by capturing and capitalizing on the golden opportunity that comes with public speaking to build your network and enhance your credibility.
  11. Nurture your client relationships regardless of size and role by treating all clients equally, including the small and mid-sized clients because they may act as a cover-up when you lose a big client.
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This course is designed to equip salespeople with skills for set goals, reflect on your sales skills, making sales calls, and to nurture client relationships

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