The World Tomorrow: The Coming of the Post-Liberal Global Economic Order (and how Covid-19 accelerated changes)

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Created by Yuwa Hedrick-Wong Created on 2020-06-15 Last updated on 2020-07-07 English
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This webinar series, titled “The World Tomorrow”, aims to clarify what the global economy may look like in the coming decade. It is designed to offer webinar participants with a lens on the future that is informed by a broad range of perspectives, including macroeconomics, history, political science, sociology, technology and geopolitics. It will unabashedly ignore conventional disciplinary boundaries, taking ideas and concepts out of their academic silos to enable them to connect and cross-pollinate wherever appropriate. It will focus on the key theme of the coming of a post-liberal global economic order, something that the modern world has never seen before, and argue that it will set off profound transformations in how we conduct and manage global trade, investment, technology, business, and, last but not least, international relations.

These webinars are organized with a presentation 35 to 45 minutes long, followed by 15 to 30 minutes of Q&A. Depending on participant interests, the webinars can be customized with stronger focus on specific regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia etc. 

About the instructor
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Yuwa Hedrick-Wong

Specialties: Global economic analysis focusing on how the Asia will reshape the global economic order in the coming decades .

Time: 2020-06-19 12:00

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